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Science-backed culture assessments modeled to your culture & values to help identify red flags or secure the perfect match

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“The most insightful interaction in the hiring and onboarding process.”

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Hire the Right Talent

Evaluate candidates based on culture-fit and align on acceptable behaviors
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Onboard New Employees

Help newcomers understand and align with company values
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Meaningful Team-building

Initiate a data-driven conversation around culture, values, and work styles

Ready to Dive Deep?
Uncover Values that Guide Behaviors

Culture assessments ensure a match between candidates and companies, whereas personality tests overlook key organizational compatibility factors.


Tailored Assessments

Our culture assessment tool is designed to be customized according to your organization's unique culture and values. By providing assessments tailored to your needs, we ensure an effective evaluation of a candidate's fit within your organization.

Our assessments are grounded in organizational psychology and backed by years of research, ensuring accurate and meaningful insights.



Data-Driven Hiring & Team Building

With our culture assessment tool, you can quickly analyze the work styles and values of candidates, new hires, or existing team members.

Create assessments in just a few minutes and use the results to guide your hiring or team-building activities. Foster better communication, collaboration, and synergy among team members, resulting in a more effective and cohesive team.



Secure, Confidential, and Hassle-Free

We prioritize data privacy. All candidate responses are stored securely and treated with the utmost confidentiality.

With our easy-to-use platform, you can effortlessly set up, deliver, and analyze assessments, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring the protection of your candidate's information.

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Time-Saving Automation with Stunning Reports

Our automated assessment tool generates instant, beautifully designed reports filled with actionable insights. Save hours of manual evaluation and reduce the risk of human bias.

Use the reports to identify the best candidates, improve your interviews, and ultimately hire individuals who will contribute positively to your organization.


How it works

You're just a few steps away from culture alignment


Create an Assessment

Select sections you want to include in your culture assessment.

Set up your values

Configure your values and other variables based on your company culture.

Send out invites

Share to anyone quickly and easily via a private link or email.

Get the results

View each candidate's results as a report card. Optionally, share results with them too.

Assessment Library

Build your assessment in minutes by adding any combination of the following sections:


Values Alignment

Values determine behavior. When personal values are aligned with company core values, work is easy and natural. This is foundational to understanding culture fit.

Duration: 5 minutes

Culture Profile

Organizational culture is driven by competing values. Identify and match culture profiles based on Collaborate, Create, Compete, and Control across six dimensions of work.

Duration: 10 minutes

Human Skills

Human skills (soft skills) —written communication, empathy, situational awareness, and critical thinking are essential for developing successful relationships and sound reasoning and decision-making.

Duration: 10 minutes

Acceptable Behaviors

Behaviors are considered toxic when they don’t align with what’s expected. Understand behaviors that are acceptable, discouraged, or not-tolerated and identify mismatches. 

Duration: 5 minutes

Work Style Identifier

Identify a candidate’s work style based on the 3P framework. Product, Process, or People. Understanding the inclination for each work style provides insight into how work is completed and prioritized.

Duration: 5 minutes

Logic Test

Logical reasoning is key to problem-solving and decision-making. This test gauges an ability to decipher patterns, draw logical conclusions, and tackle complex problems. 

Duration: 10 minutes

Quickly and easily compare candidates

We've made it easy for you to view and compare results, whether you want to study a group of candidates or a team



Ready-to-go visualizations that are updated with each candidate response


Share the cohort analysis with your team to collectivity identify gaps and opportunities. Align as a team.

Detailed views

Expand on each item to get deeper insights into scores and quickly identify respondents who are a good fit for your culture.


A Toolbox for HR and People Managers

Access to AI tools that help you manage hiring, onboarding, and team performance.


Job Post Generator

Autocraft detailed and effective job postsMore info

Team Role Generator

Define roles, behaviors, and promotion pathsMore info

30/60/90-day Plan

Structured 30/60/90-day integration planMore info

OKR Generator

Set and track clear objectives and resultsMore info

Career Tracker Generator

Visualize and guide team member growthMore info

Performance Improvement Plan

Structured plan for performance enhancementMore info


Simple Pricing Plan

Select the plan that works best for you, and switch at anytime.


Your account comes with 5 free candidate assessments

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Why Culture Assessments?

Culture assessments offer more than personality tests when hiring, onboarding, and team-building

AspectCulture AssessmentPersonality Test
FocusAligns values and beliefs with the company cultureAssesses fixed personality traits
CompatibilityAssesses fit with the company's mission, values, and goalsMay overlook compatibility with organizational culture
DiversityCan foster diversity by emphasizing shared values over personality typesMay unintentionally stereotype candidates into fixed categories
AdaptabilityTailored to a company's unique culture and can evolve with the organizationOften a standardized, one-size-fits-all approach
OutcomesBetter alignment, stronger teamwork, and higher retentionLimited insights into how a candidate will mesh with the company culture
Employee EngagementPromotes shared values and beliefs for a more engaged workforceDoesn't directly link to employee engagement with the company culture
FlexibilityCan adjust assessments to suit different team dynamics and company growth stagesOften static and less adjustable to changing company needs


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